Our Gelato

Gelarto by Menodiociotto proudly prepares the world's tastiest gelato made the old- fashioned way, in Italy, using fresh, natural fruits  and carefully-sourced ingredients from around the world. 

Gelarto's gelato is slow-churned which makes it taste rich and creamy,  while being about half the fat of regular ice cream.  It's also gluten-free and kosher certified, so there's something for everyone.  Dairy free options also available.


Offering 12 different flavors of Gelato in our case! 

Our Flavors 

  • Tiramisu' 
  • Coconut (Cocco)
  • Banana 
  • Hazelnut (Nocciola)
  • Coffee (Caffe')
  • Chocolate (Cioccolato)
  • ​Dark Chocolate (Fondente Nero)
  • Oreo 
  • Honeycomb (A Nido D'ape) 

  • Strawberries & Cream (Panna  e Fragola)
  • Sea Salt Carmel (Caramello Salato)
  • Sicilian Pistachio (Pistacchio Di Sicilia)
  • Chocolate & Hazelnut (Nocciolata) 
  • Batman© Vanilla
  • Rum & Raisin (Malaga)
  • Chocolate Chip (Stracciatella)
  • Vanilla (Vaniglia Dal Madagascar)
  • Cherries & Cream (Variagato Al' Amrena) 
  • Mint Chocolate Chip (Ciokomenta) (Dairy Free)
  •  Blood Orange (Arancia) (Dairy Free)
  • Lemon (Limone) (Dairy Free)

* All Flavors are gluten free with the exception of Tiramisu and Oreo 

©Batman is a Trademark of DC Comics

*All Flavors may not be available at all times.